Lions KulturBräu 14.9.2019 - Bendover - NUR NOCH ABENKASSE

Abfüllerei der ehemaligen Kopp-Brauerei
Gabelsbergerstr. 6
84048 Mainburg
Yu-Rock live! Gecovertes und selbst Geschriebenes aus allen Teilen Ex-Jugoslwiens.

Bendover is author and club cover band from Belgrade, Serbia. We cherish the clean and solid sound of Rock’n’roll. We do not experiment with sound and zillion effects, we do not invent new directions by giving our sound exotic names, our songs do not last 19 minutes, or 2,4 seconds. The hard sound, good riff and powerful singing are enough to move everyone from the place. We believe that there is enough free space on our scene for a purebred, uncompromising rock band. The current members of the band are musicians deeply involved in creation and operation of Serbian groups such as: Made in China, Groovebox, Sevdah metal bend, (ne)normalni bend, Đokara i gnjurci, Enjoy sarma, Vox Populi, Witch1, Azra-el itd.

The band was founded in URMUS studios somewhere in spring of 2005. Founders Vule, Trsa, Djura and Djole (with Sloba and Sale who used to come sometimes to rehearsals) saw Bendover as an opportunity to hang around with beer and music, escape from work and everyday life. At that point, Djura and Vule used to play drums, and though it was barely sounding anything near music, band used to dream about stages and big scenes, and author songs were far distant dream.

Coming to band at end of 2005, drummer Miljan changed the course and band entered the first serious phase of work. The first gigs begin at 2006, and everybody become aware that band belongs to stage and not in the rehearsal studio. At that time linup Miljan (drums), Vule and Djura (guitars), Djole (bass and vocal) and Trki (acoustic guitar and women) held up till 2007 when Miljan decided to live from music. He was quickly replaced by drummer Milos that we share beautiful days of first travels and festivals.

In 2008 band goes on a break since girls started to be afraid how little attention they were getting from band members. Poor boys had to marry them, set up families and wait that their wives get bored with them. When they were finally kicked out of the house they were ready to play again together. This time with much more weight but more serious and more dedicated, cause they were practicing even with babies in hands…

In 2014 drummer Maki comes to band. He brought necessary hardness in sound that will remain our trademark until today. Band kept on playing on festivals, clubs, moto parties, and for the first time seriously starts to think about author music.

In summer 2016 band started our own rehearsal studio, with new drummer Nidža. With Nidža we got professionalism and precision. The band sets up serious club standards, but still the missing link was place of lead vocal. In winter 2016 Djura goes our of country to work in serious government jobs. After few months of work with guitarist Toma, in 2017 we managed to acquire Panta as guitarist and Buca as lead singer. The new era of Bendover was ready to begin. With specific, hard rock, Harley Davidson – whiskey voice, Buca brings soul to the band and author songs we were dreaming for so long.

In 2018 Nidža also decided to live from music and starts working with folk stars for big money, and to position of drummer returns… of course Maki. Great enthusiasm and desire to work produced a lot of author songs in a short time, and band decided to record them in own arrangement.

Biggest success naturally followed in summer 2019, when bend received first prize in biggest festival of demo bands with 50 years of tradition – Gitarijada Zajecar. With songs in recording process from winter 2018, we believe the main part of Bandover history is yet to be written…

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