PKMai Session 2020

PKMai Home Base
Odenwaldstr 98
51105 Köln
 Day Ticket Saturday 54,00 €
 Day Ticket Sunday 54,00 €

Ticketshop - PKMai Session 2020

Regular Day Ticket: 54€

Supporter Day Ticket: 74€

Reduced Day Ticket: 20% off

This year, we are offering three different price ranges (they all buy you the same thing: access to an awesome event) - here is why:
DISCLAIMER: The PKMai Session is mostly financed through our associations own funds and we depend on financial support by our members and participants. Ticket sales cover some, but by far not all of the expenses necessary.
The regular price covers about half the costs. As a non-profit organization, we choose to make our events as accessible as possible for everyone and still try to keep pricing at a minimum by sponsoring most expenses through our yearly budget and lots of volunteer work. Please consider being a supporter and helping the cause.


If you want to help our cause, you now have the possibility to become a Supporter and earn our eternal gratitude. We will also mention you as a sponsor on our social media channels and thank you personally at the event in May.

To be a Supporter, just click the supporter button inside the shopping cart, after choosing your tickets, this adds an extra 20€ to your bill.

All the money goes straight into the work of Parkour Movement e.V. as a non-profit organization, and benefits the community and parkour as a discipline itself.   


If you really, really can't afford the regular price, we offer a 20% discount, no questions asked - just type in the code "Reduction20" before check-out.

What you get

Every ticket gets you the same thing: A full day with workshops, breakfast and lunch, great atmosphere, lots of different activities with awesome people, unforgettable experiences and much more.
If you buy Saturday and Sunday you cansleep at our homebase for free. 

Everything you need to know about the event and this year's coaches, can be found here at:

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